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Infinix hot 10s full review


Link: Infinix Hot 10 Play Review

Here are the full features of Infinix Hot 10s. After reading the post, you will know the positive and negative aspects of Infinix. So read the blog well. Infinix hot series is actually giving us a very good phone.

Infinix Hot 10S Full Specifications

Device Name Infinix Hot 10S
Chipset MediaTek Helio G85 (12nm)
Ram (Memory) 4GB
Internal Storage 128GB
Battery 6000 mAh
Back Camera 48 MP, f/1.8, (wide), 1/2.0, 0.8µm, PDAF
2 MP, f/2.4, (depth)
Front Camera 8 MP
Price 12,990 BDT

However, I did not like some of the things in the Infinix Hot 10s. Again, some things are good and like. There are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t buy this phone and 4 reasons why you should buy this phone. That is discussed below.

A. Negative Side

1. USB Port: The first thing I didn’t like about this phone was the micro USB port. Type C ports should normally be offered at this price. This micro USB port will lag a bit behind this price which I didn’t like very much.

2. Display Brightness: The second thing I didn’t like was the brightness of this display. So even though it is good in other aspects of the display, its brightness is very low. It’s like running indoors, but when you go outdoors, the visibility of the display gets much worse. And if you go to the sunlight, you can see nothing but your own reflection. I didn’t like this thing very much.

3. Phone Size & Design: The third thing I didn’t like was its size and the design on the back. It is not comfortable to use with one hand due to its large size. So this phone is not applicable for those who like a little compact phone. However, due to the large size of the gaming will be a little advantage.
And behind the design, a kind of pattern has been used which is not understood. I think it needed to be shown a little more. Then the phone would look a little more beautiful.

4. Charging Speed: The 4th bad aspect is the charging speed of this phone. Battery backup is very good but this phone takes a long time to charge. Because this phone has a 10W charger. That is why it takes 3 hours and more to charge.


B. Positive Side

1. Display: The first thing I like is the display of this phone. It uses a 6.82-inch massive display, but the funny thing is that it is a 90Hz display although the resolution is a bit less HD +. However, at this price, we do not see the whole HD. However, the 90Hz display was extremely smooth and running well. This is an IPS panel display. Its coloring protection is very good. I didn’t find any negativity in it. The touch of the display is also very good. A U-shaped water notch has been used on the top. So for those who want to buy a phone for media congestion.

2. Performance: The second thing I like best is the performance of this phone. This phone uses MediaTek Helio G85 (12nm) chipset. RAM is 4GB and internal storage is 128GB. So 4/128 is very good at this price. And MediaTek Helio G85 is a very good chipset for gaming. Touch has no problem and this phone was performing great in gaming. Pubg, Free-Fire, Call of Duty These games were going very well. There is no reason to worry that the chipset of this phone is very good for gaming.

3. Battery: The third thing I like best is the battery of this phone. This phone uses a 6000 mAh massive battery. That battery will give you 2 days of easy backup. Also, if you use this phone heavily, you will definitely get a backup like 1 day. So great when it comes to batteries.

4. Price: The 4th best aspect is the price of this phone. What you got on this phone for 13000 thousand rupees is very good. There is no better phone in the market at this price. That is why this phone is much better than the price. 


I have discussed the 4 good and bad aspects above so that you can consider them before buying the phone. Now we will discuss some more issues.

This phone has three cameras on the back. A 48MP, 2MP, and another unknown camera. So the rear camera picture was holding pretty good detail. The color of the picture was also good. Pictures to share on social media. But not too good or too bad. The condition of the dynamic range gets a little worse when taking longitudinal pictures. However, when the lights go out at night, the camera of this phone does not do very well. Details become much softer. Some noise comes. if you turn on the night mode, the picture is quite good. Which looks much better than regular mode.
The front camera is 8MP. The front camera is good in all respects, but when it comes to taking portrait pictures, the dynamics are very bad. There is no detail behind it.

There are 2k resolution options on the front and back for the video. Like that thing. I like the video quality fairly well. However, the video has several features. For example, you can turn on beauty mode and you can also record video in portrait mode.

This phone is using Android 11. With XOS which is Infinix’s own UI. This UI has some add-ons that can be turned off and Blatter that can be uninstalled. I haven’t had any problems outside of this.
Although its fingerprint location is a bit high top its speed was quite good like other phones. Works pretty fast.
Its two speakers were equivalent. Sound low. All in all, both are good.

Note: This was the updated price of the Infinix Hot 10s. If you know or want to know something about the Infinix Hot 10s please comment in the comment box below. Thanks

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