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How to remove iPhone overheating

Apple Phone users often find that the phone in their hand gets very hot. That means the iPhone becomes overheating. This blog discusses how to remove iPhone overheating.

We will try to find out if the iPhone gets too hot after the iOS update. In that case, how do we solve it? In other words, we will discuss in detail how to avoid excess heat. For this, you need to follow a few steps.

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Step 1: Refresh the applications in the background of the iPhone. Refresh the background application and follow steps: System Settings + General + Background App Refresh + Off.

background app refresh     background app refresh     background app refresh        background app refresh


Step 2: Turn off Location Services. If the iPhone is overheating, the location service must be turned off. Follow steps: System Settings + Privacy + Location services + Switch Off.

location services     location services of      location services trun off

Step 3: Dark mode. Setting the dark mode will reduce overheating a lot. Setup Dark Mode and Follow Step: System Settings + Display & Brightness + Select the dark option.

remove iphone overheating       remove iphone overheating

Step 4: Restart the phone. You need to restart your phone in alternate mode. That’s why I will press the volume down button + power button of the phone together. After press and hold, we will restart from there. Then you will see that overheating will be reduced a lot.

Step 5: Reset setting. Reset Setting Follow Step: System Settings + General + Reset + Reset All Settings.

remove iphone overheating      remove iphone overheating      remove iphone overheating

Step 6: Battery Low Power Mode turned on. Follow Step: System Settings + Battery + Low Power Mode + On The Toggle Button.

remove iphone overheating      remove iphone overheating

Step 7: Back cover of the phone. You can open the cover of the phone for some time and see that overheating can be reduced a lot.

Step 8: Use the original charger. Overheating can occur if we use a duplicate charger instead of the original charger. For this, we should use the original charger provided with the phone.

Another reason why the phone gets hot is that we watch movies and browsing Facebook while the phone is charged. This habit is harmful to any phone. So this habit must be abandoned.

Notice: Thank you so much if you read this blog. If you get any bugs or if you have any other solution for remove iPhone overheating, Please comment in the comment box below.


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