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Youtube update community posts for 500 subscribers

What is a community tab?

The Community tab is a feature of YouTube that allows YouTubers to update their status just like Facebook, but only reaches their subscribers. Text, images / GIFS, polls, videos can be posted from the Community tab

Good news for YouTubers.

It used to take a minimum of 1000 subscribers to get a community tab on YouTube. Now the community tab is available only if there are 500 subscribers. YouTube says it can take a maximum of 1 week to get a community tab after 500 subscribers are completed. So YouTubers need to have a little patience to get the community tab.

When will it be implemented?

According to YouTube, this update will take effect from October 12, 2021

The Discussion Tab is gone.

YouTube also said that the Discussion tab of all YouTubers will be gone from October 12. The discussion tab is an old feature of YouTube where only text can be posted but in the community tab, you can post text as well as images / GIFS, polls, videos. So from October 12, the Community tab will replace this old feature of YouTube.

How do you like this new initiative on YouTube? You can comment.

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