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How to increase the battery life of mobile

Among mobile users, it may be difficult to find a person who has not bothered with the battery life. Mobile users are plagued with various types of battery problems. Someone’s charger runs out quickly, as soon as someone’s battery is charged, the charger becomes full again after a while the morale is off, someone’s set is suddenly hot, and then shutdown. We are suffering from such problems.

But we can get rid of all these problems if we are a little careful. Here are some simple tips that will prolong your mobile battery life and keep you connected when needed.

1. Turn off Bluetooth, Infrared, and WiFi: After data processing, many of us forget to turn off our Bluetooth or Infrared. This work causes continuous loss of power from the battery of our mobile. So from now on, after passing data, turn off infrared and Bluetooth.

2. Reduce the brightness of your mobile display as needed: If your mobile has the option to control the brightness of the display, then you can reduce the brightness of your mobile display as per your need. Nokia’s smartphones use light sensors to change the brightness of each type of light. However, if you have the option on your mobile, you can keep the brightness of your mobile medium, which will save a lot of charge of your battery. And when you are out of the house and your mobile charger is starving, you don’t even have the charger at hand, you can keep the brightness of your mobile to a minimum. Another small tip is that you can also reduce the time of the backlight of your mobile’s calling option.

3. Turn off the vibration as much as possible: These tips do not apply to the time you are in a conference room, hospital or classroom. Because then you have to put the mobile in silent mode. However, one thing can be done, since you can not receive any call in the classroom, so you can turn off both the ringtone and vibrator of the mobile. You can see later. Other times you can lower the level of your mobile ringtone which will save your battery at least a little.

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