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Samsung will transfer the human brain with 3d chip

We will discuss some new news from Samsung and some more news along with the notice to stop Google service on Android phones.

Tech News 1: Samsung will transfer the human brain with 3d chip

Samsung recently announced that they will be working on artificial intelligence. This is basically another type of artificial intelligence. That is, the way the human brain works saves the whole thing in one of its memory chips Samsung wants to use that chip in a robot. And although Samsung is saying that the amount of neurons in the human head or the capacitive chip has not yet been made. Maybe it will be made in the next few years. So the robot will be able to implement the exact thing that the human brain does and the way it moves inside the chip by copying it to the chip. And robots can think like humans. They can feel emotions much closer to humans. Besides, it can work by using brain-like human beings. The robot basically tries to do exactly what you say. But they have no emotions and no sense of their own. From now on big companies of all countries are working on it.

If the sensor is developed then you can do a lot of extra work with the robot. But if sensors can also bring emotions, they will be more interesting. In the future, we are going to see robots with sense and emotion. It may take 5 to 6 years to release.

Tech News 2: Samsung Galaxy M52 5G And Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Launch

Samsung Galaxy M52 Snapdragon 778, 120Hz refresh rate, and Android 11 have been launched in the Indian market. This phone is likely to be launched in the Bangladesh market. If this phone is not launched in the Bangladesh market, then Samsung Galaxy A52 5G mobile will be launched. The two phones are very good. One of the two phones will be launched in Bangladesh, it is 100% confirmed. It is likely to be launched in Bangladesh next October.

Tech News 3: Google services stop android 2.3.7 version 

Those whose mobile is under Android version 2.3.7 will no longer have Google service on their mobile from tomorrow. Especially YouTube Gmail this kind of service will no longer work. Although this version is much earlier. I don’t think there are such phones in Bangladesh now. And even though it does use, I don’t think people watch YouTube or Gmail too much. Because it’s a phone from a version many years ago. Since Google has said that it will not run Android version 2.3.7. So I raised the issue with you. But it also had millions of phones under Confirm 2.3.7 version. Those millions of phones will not get much of a chance in Gmail from tomorrow.

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