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Will all unofficial mobile phones be turned off? BTRC

Unofficial mobile phone connections are being disconnected from tomorrow Friday. At the same time, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has said that action will be taken by the Telecommunications Act if any unregistered mobile phone is produced or imported, or sold.

This information was given in a press release sent to the media on Thursday.

  • It said, ‘BTRC ensures receipt/delivery of various government services through registration of each mobile phone by tagging with national identity card and registered SIM card, ensuring government revenue collection by stopping the use of illegally produced or imported mobiles, theft and misuse of used mobiles. The National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR) was launched on July 1 to assist law enforcement agencies in the interests of prevention and national security. All illegal handsets will be disconnected from tomorrow, October 1. This is true in one way and color in another. First, it won’t turn off all the unofficial phones at once. They will test each other. They will send a message on an unofficial phone. Then one by one it will be closed. They have started all the activities to gently turn off the phone since yesterday. This does not mean that all phones will be switched off from tomorrow. Will turn off all phones after review.
Check The Validity of mobile phone
  • The notification further said that before purchasing the mobile, it is requested to check the validity by sending KYD and 15 digit IMEI numbers (example- KYD 123456789012345) to 16002 from the message option.

In addition, it is specially requested to complete the registration through the website before using legally imported or purchased, or gifted mobile phones. At the same time, special requests are being made for the production and import of unregistered mobiles by any importer, locally mobile assembly and manufacturing company and not to sell unregistered mobiles by any seller. The BTRC also said that if a seller sells an illegal mobile phone, the price of the mobile phone has to be refunded as per the demand of the buyer.

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