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How to increase the battery life of mobile

Among mobile users, it may be difficult to find a person who has not bothered with the battery life. Mobile users are plagued with various types of battery problems. Someone’s charger runs out quickly, as soon as someone’s battery is charged, the charger becomes full again after a while the morale is off, someone’s set…


iphone 13 pro release date and specifications

  Apple iPhone means surprise. The iPhone means diversity and nobility. This time, the interest of technology lovers with the iPhone 13 is skyrocketing. Their wait at Apple Park in California ended on Tuesday. The original iPhone 13 out of 4 models. Like last time, iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro-Max came….

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Youtube update community posts for 500 subscribers

What is a community tab? The Community tab is a feature of YouTube that allows YouTubers to update their status just like Facebook, but only reaches their subscribers. Text, images / GIFS, polls, videos can be posted from the Community tab Good news for YouTubers. It used to take a minimum of 1000 subscribers to…

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All Apple iPhone price and specification 2021

Now I will briefly discuss the price and specifications of all Apple iPhone. Next, I will publish a separate review post for each iPhone on our website and discuss it in detail. 1. iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera(R):  12 + 12 + 12 MP + TOF 3D Camera(F): 12MP  + SL 3D RAM:  6GB ROM:…

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Top 8 Latest Smartphones In September 2021

Today’s discussion is about the 8 latest smartphones launched in September, I will briefly discuss the specifications of that latest smartphones. Next, I will publish a separate review post of each phone on our website and discuss it in detail. Number: 1 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Camera(R): 12+12+12 MP Camera(F): 10MP Selfie + 4 Mp…

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