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Will all unofficial mobile phones be turned off? BTRC

Unofficial mobile phone connections are being disconnected from tomorrow Friday. At the same time, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has said that action will be taken by the Telecommunications Act if any unregistered mobile phone is produced or imported, or sold. This information was given in a press release sent to the media on…

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Samsung will transfer the human brain with 3d chip

We will discuss some new news from Samsung and some more news along with the notice to stop Google service on Android phones. Tech News 1: Samsung will transfer the human brain with 3d chip Samsung recently announced that they will be working on artificial intelligence. This is basically another type of artificial intelligence. That…

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Japan sets new record for highest internet speed

If you like high-speed internet, social media, playing games, downloading movies then you can visit Japan once. Because this country of sunrise has recently set a new record in internet speed. Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communication Technology has long sought to increase the limit on online data exchange to 319 TB per second…

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Youtube update community posts for 500 subscribers

What is a community tab? The Community tab is a feature of YouTube that allows YouTubers to update their status just like Facebook, but only reaches their subscribers. Text, images / GIFS, polls, videos can be posted from the Community tab Good news for YouTubers. It used to take a minimum of 1000 subscribers to…

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